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We work with different projects in terms of type and volume.
Regardless of whether it is a single exceptional piece of clothing or a whole fashion collection, we can offer these services:


We create new designs, based on the concept, you want to fulfill. Never underestimate this step, as the concept goes along the whole process of clothing development and ensures solid and high -quality results.

Pattern making

We perform flat pattern making for ordinary garments and sculptural pattern making for extremely complex garments. We can provide digital or paper patterns.


We make a sample garment to make sure every detail is perfect and the garment is ready to go to mass production. 

Tech packs

We prepare tech packs which provide all the necessary technical information for easier and smoother production.

Production management

We can take care of small -scale production and manage it all the way, so you can have a carefree production process and focus on other value -added activities.

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